Disney Princess Palace Pets Collection 7 Palace Pets! Toy Haul Glitter Pets Plush Pets

Disney Princess Palace Pets Collection 7 Palace Pets! Talking Pets Glitter Pets Plush Pets

Hi Guys! Welcome to BubblePOP kids! In this video we open and review 7 Palace pets in this Toy haul! Enjoy!!

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Each Palace Pet has been found and adopted by their respective princess. They originated from different types of situations, and always end up being with the princesses. Each of them has a resemblance to her or his respective master, whether it is in appearance or accessories. The franchise is a departure from the princesses original animal allies in their respective movies. Each of them is being cared by the Disney Princesses

Berry is a pale azure bunny who belongs to Snow White. She has brown eyes, a pink nose, a big, white tail and wears princess accessories like her bow-shaped tiara.

During a stroll in the forest, Snow White found her hiding beneath a blueberry bush and immediately discovered her fondness for food. Berrys personality is shy.Sweetie is Snow Whites Pony. Muffin is snow whites Yellow poodle, Honeycake is snow whites kitten, Pumpkin is Cinderellas white poodle, Bibiddy is Cinderellas white pony, Slipper is Cinderellas kitten, Beauty/dreamy is a pink kitten who belongs to Aurora Sleeping Beauty, Bloom is Auroras light pink pony, Nuzzles is Auroras orange-gold fox, Fern is Auroras pink owl, Seashell is Ariels Lavender pony, Matey is Ariels Puppy, Teacup is Belles puppy, Rouge is Belles light-pink kitten, Sultan is Jasmines tuger cub, Taj is Jasmines lavender Elephant, Windflower is Pocahontas raccoon, Pounce is Pocahontas bobcat, Blossom is Mulans Panda Bear, Lychee is Mulans Pony, Lily is Tianas Kitty, Bayou is Tianas Pony, Blondie is Rapunzels Pony Summer is Rapunzels kitten, Meadow is Rapunzels skunk, Daisy is Rapunzels puppy, Gleam is Rapunzels deer and Sundrop is RApunzels Peacock.

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