My TRAVEL Camera GEAR for Landscape Photography

Mark Denney

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In this week’s episode, we discuss my travel camera gear for landscape photography. Traveling as light as possible while heading out on a landscape photography trip is something that's very important to me. I've spent years trying to narrow down the camera gear I travel with while also ensuring that I have everything I need to create the landscape photos I'm after. In addition to minimizing the camera gear I carry, I've also been searching for the perfect camera bag to travel with as well and I think I've finally landed on my favorite.

In this video, I review all the landscape photography camera gear and accessories that I bring while on a multi-day photography trip. Some of the gear mentioned I've used for years and others I've just purchased in the last couple months or weeks. Traveling for landscape photography requires much more than just camera bodies and lenses, but also all the accessories and computer related equipment required to edit and backup your photos while on-location. As you can imagine all of this gear adds up quickly and ensuring that your bag can be carried on a flight without having to check it is of utmost importance.

Knock on wood, but I've never been asked to check my camera bag before a flight, but the possibility of this occurring is always in the back of my mind. And for this reason, I always try to minimize the amount of travel camera gear I carry for a landscape photography trip.

*Below are links to all the gear mentioned*

Main Camera:

Video Camera:

Mobile Camera:

Best Wide Angle Lens:

My Long Lens:

Video ND+PL Filter:

Perfect Cable Ties:

Terrific Headlamp:

Tiny Backup Drive:

Giottos Lens Cleaner:

My Filter System:

6 Stop ND Filter:

10 Stop ND Filter:

Soft Edge Graduated Filter:

Medium Edge Graduated Filter:

Moleskin Small Shell Case:

Favorite Adventure Backpack:

Perfect Small Accessory Case:

My Filter Pouch:

Think Tank Photo DSLR Battery Holder 4

Soft SD Card Case:

Memory Card Case:

Vlogging Microphone:

Remote Shutter:

Favorite Tripod:

Main Ballhead:

My L Bracket:

Battery Backup:

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-Mark D.

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