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At the age of 73, Walter Pfeiffer is at the zenith of his career as a fashion photographer and illustrator. The Swiss artist gives an insight into his eventful life - and his models tell us what his pictures mean to them today.

Walter Pfeiffer has been taking photos for 50 years and has shot hundreds of beautiful young men - and later also women - in Switzerland and Paris. But his kind of photography did not bring big money or international acclaim back then. His early pictures initially appeared mainly in underground magazines - until the breakthrough came in the 2000s and he made the leap into popular fashion magazines such as Vogue and i-D. Now his photographs can also be admired in museums and art collections around the world, while he continues to travel in search of new motifs and true beauty.
In the documentary, we not only talk to the artist himself, but also to the people who appeared in front of his lens. On the way, we get an insight into forty years of youth culture. Pfeiffer's companions from the worlds of art and fashion reflect the tense relationship between the two, which Pfeiffer juggles with great confidence. The artist talks about his life and work with wit and levity and we see him working with both supermodels and unknowns as well as sketching natural subjects. And we see how he creates images from real situations that have that unmistakable Pfeiffer touch.


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